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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Sonographic findings after implant-based breast reconstruction. (A) Two layers of implant capsule(arrow) is located under the subcutaneous fat layer. Based on this finding, it is assumed that pre-pectoral implant insertion technique was done for breast reconstruction. (B) The peri-prosthetic seroma (arrow) is shown as anechoic area outside of implant capsule, and it can be aspirated using blunt needle, such as intravenous cannula or spinal needle. (C) This sonographic finding shows capsular contracture after implant-based breast reconstruction. There are multiple radial folds (arrows), which are occurred due to narrowed implant cavity. (D) This sonographic finding indicates the internal capsular rupture of the implant. The two layers of capsule were separated as two parallel echogenic lines (arrow heads).
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