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J Surg Ultrasound 2021;8:1-24
Review Article
Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules by Elastography
Hyun Jo Youn, Ha Rim Ahn, Sang Yull Kang, Sung Hoo Jung
J Surg Ultrasound 2021;8:1-5
Original Articles
Impact of 8-Week Bedside Ultrasound Training for Surgical Residents in the Intensive Care Unit of a Tertiary Care Hospital - a Pilot Study
Kyoung Moo Im, Eun Young Kim
J Surg Ultrasound 2021;8:6-18
Risk Factors for Complex Hypersensitivity and Irritation Reactions after an Ultrasound-Guided Cyanoacrylate Closure
Seunggoo Lee, Sungsin Cho, Jin Hyun Joh
J Surg Ultrasound 2021;8:19-24
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