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J Surg Ultrasound 2018;5:1-27
Review Articles
Ultrasound Evaluation for Assessing Non-Thyroid Neck Masses
Jin Hyang Jung
J Surg Ultrasound 2018;5:1-10
Usefulness of Ultrasound in the Management of Thyroid Carcinoma
Hyun Jo Youn, Sang Yull Kang, Sung Hoo Jung
J Surg Ultrasound 2018;5:11-17
Original Article
Ultrasound-guided Thrombin Injection in a Lower Extremity Pseudoaneurysm
Min Seok Bae, Sang Ho Lee, Ki Hyuk Park, Jae Hoon Lee
J Surg Ultrasound 2018;5:18-22
Case Report
Two Cases of Cervical Lymphadenitis by Toxoplasma
Seung Chan Paik, Myeoung Ja Jeoung
J Surg Ultrasound 2018;5:23-27
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